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Laboratory of Geophysics

The Head of the Laboratory, Ph.D.
I.V. Golovanova

K.N. Danukalov

Cand.of Sc Sc.
R.Yu. Salmanova

The Laboratory of Geophysics was reorganized as a structural unit of the Institute of Geology in March 2006 on the basis of separate groups working in different laboratories of the Institute. Prior to this, geophysical studies in the Institute were carried out in the Laboratory of Geophysics that existed under the guidance of the Ph.D. I. Ogarinov, Laboratory of Paleomagnetism under the guidance of Ph.D. NF Danukalov, Laboratory of Tectonophysics and Geophysics under the guidance of Ph.D. R.A.Minibaev, Laboratory of Regional Geology and Geophysics under the direction of Ph.D. V.N.Puchkov .

The Head of the Laboratory – Ph.D. I.V. Golovanova.
Employees — Researcher K.N. Danukalov, Cand. of Sc. R.Yu. Salmanova, engineer-researcher M.M. Khidiyatov, engineer G.Z. Zainullina.

The main activities of the laboratory are:

  • Paleomagnetic studies.
  • Geothermal studies.