Geology Institute was organized in 1951 simultaneously with the opening in Ufa, the Bashkir Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR as one of the research institutions. From 1951 to 1968 it was called the Mining and Geological Institute, and from 1968 to present — Institute of Geology. The Institute of Geology is also an associate member of Bashkir Academy of Sciences.

During the 70 years of its existence the Institute of Geology was formed as a complex research institution with diverse themes. The Institute has laboratories: Regional geology and geotectonics; Paleozoic stratigraphy; Cenozoic geology; Geophysics; Magmatism and metamorphism; Ore deposits; Paleovolcanology and metallogeny; Geochemistry and isotope geology; Hydrogeology and geoecology.

Given the continuing need for prospective young scientists between the Institute of Geology and Bashkir State University, signed a cooperation agreement dated November 1, 2006 on the establishment of the base of the department, the department of geology and geomorphology of the Bashkir State University status of the base determined by the department.